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The Alexander McQueen label was unique - containing a lock of hair, not always his own - encased in plastic. Andrew Groves recalls the designer insisting that an assistant have his head shorn for further supplies - Judith Watt

Renaissance brocade-style print jacket from Dante, A/W 1996

Francis BaconTwo Figures in a Room, 1959, oil on canvas


Odilon Redon

Etienne Gros, from Les Mousses, foam polyester 

Salvador Dalí, Ménagère, 1957, set of seven pieces of silver-gilt flatware


Jenny Holzer - Truisms

Anonymous asked:
How did you learn so much about art?

resources are everywhere!! even if u grow up in the middle of nowhere in a family that loathes impracticality & sensitivity / the arts (like me), u have immense access to art. 

through high school i spent hours on sites like the met (check these out 1, 2), google art project, encyclopedias like grove art, etc. surveys of art history are great starting places too and you can probably find them for pretty cheap at a used book store. i also look through current periodicals (eg. artnews, frieze) and journals.

in school i took ap art history (and rec it to anyone in hs) & have just started undergrad classes. so i have a ton to learn still. my knowledge remains very general!!

Anonymous asked:
How do you feel about Koons/Hirst?

i don’t like either. hirst occasionally has a neat idea or two in his works but ultimately too much of what he does is defined by capital, controversy, & appropriation. imo his shittiness drowns out his merit more often than not. i get tired.

koons is kinda in the same boat. i perceive him as an annoying & boring celebrity of absurdly inflated status. i can say that his art brings into dialogue some important ideas about design, but i don’t personally care about design at all. his works bore me to death tbh.

i know they get so much shit & it’s easy to join in the fun but i truly have just never taken anything substantial away from their works ever. i don’t get that burning awareness of life or humanity or myself or anything.

lezbth asked:
three, four!!!!

3. Who do you think is the most overrated artist and why?

like.. on this site for real bouguereau. im not about oeuvres that can’t portray real women because the artist thought women deserved no part of the real world (that they lived in & fundamentally shaped!). which is why you have these ingenue, idealized young white women in just as idyllic (and unreal) universes. they’re dehumanized. their sexualized bodies become vehicles for conservative values & misogyny. like, that’s all in addition to him being an academic & him having so little integrity tht he proudly admitted to painting what he knew would get him $$ and fame. slick technique & pretty light don’t make up for any of that.

4. Who do you think is the most underrated artist and why? 

hilma af klint! 

Anonymous asked:
are you studying art history currently?

yes!! i plan on majoring in it

17. Favorite Surrealist Artist
giorgio de chirico probably! but idk for sure!
28. What is your most memorable museum experience. 
i saw this incredible matisse exhibition (largely made up of the baltimore collection) & left with the most swollen heart i was swooning for hours afterward. like sry im being so corny but rly no other works have opened my mind & heart like his!!
37. Is there any artist that you would want to be friends with if you could in real life?
i answered this but louise bourgeois!
Anonymous asked:
1, 19, 26, 34

1. What is your favorite art movement?

? ? ? like ever ? ? ? i can say that my studies currently gravitate toward the german interwar period (german expressionism[s] in a vague sense)

21, 33

already got 33

21. Favorite Photographer

william eggleston, shomei tomatsu, & alfred stieglitz

jsbirds asked:

22. Favorite Sculptor
i could kno about 1000x more sculptors my knowledge is unforgivably sparse but id sayyy constantin brancusi! 

10. Favorite Realist Artist, as well as 33. If you could own any famous work of art, what would you choose?

10. Favorite Realist Artist

ilya repin & edouard manet

33. If you could own any famous work of art, what would you choose?

any rothko please.