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Eva Hesse Accession II, 1967, galvanized steel, plastic tubing

Elspeth Diederix, White Hydrangea, 2006

On KawaraI am still alive (18.05.1973), 1973, telegram

Peter PuklusTest Strip, plaster, 2012

Timm UlrichsDer Findling (Performance), 1978-1980

Erwin Wurm — from One Minute Sculptures, 1997

Joseph BeuysRose for Direct Democracy, 1973

Gerhard RichterI.G., 1993, oil on canvas

Holly Lynton — from Bare Handed, 2008

The title Bare Handed refers to my subjects’ powerful yet intimate hands-on connection with their work—both land and animals—on the farm and in the wild. In these photographs, the heavy, overbearing machinery associated with modern life gives way to the simple, but potent, symbiotic relationship between man, creature, and the forces of weather, and allows these individuals a style of work that resembles a form of meditation. While making my photographs, I discovered that these individuals have a spiritual commitment to their work that goes beyond the rational and points to the power of faith.

Rinko Kawauchi

Meret OppenheimGlove, 1985

Tom FriedmanUntitled, 2002, 75 Styrofoam cups painted by hand with acrylic paint

Egon SchieleSeher (Seers), 1913

Alberto Giacometti

"I used to think that I could never lose anyone if I photographed them enough. In fact, my pictures show me how much I’ve lost."

- Nan Goldin