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Bill ViolaEmergence, 2002, video installation

Gerhard RichterLaret, 1992, oil on photograph

Mel BochnerLanguage Is Not Transparent, 1969, rubber stamp on four sheets of paper

Louise Bourgeois, She Lost It (performance piece), 1992

Liliana PorterUntitled (Geometric Shapes), 1973

Sanja IvekovićRastavljena, 2007

Giuseppe PenoneTrappole di Luce (Light traps), 1995

Eva Hesse Accession II, 1967, galvanized steel, plastic tubing

Elspeth Diederix, White Hydrangea, 2006

On KawaraI am still alive (18.05.1973), 1973, telegram

Peter PuklusTest Strip, plaster, 2012

Timm UlrichsDer Findling (Performance), 1978-1980

Erwin Wurm — from One Minute Sculptures, 1997

Joseph BeuysRose for Direct Democracy, 1973

Gerhard RichterI.G., 1993, oil on canvas