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Giuseppe PenoneTrappole di Luce (Light traps), 1995

Eva Hesse Accession II, 1967, galvanized steel, plastic tubing

Peter PuklusTest Strip, plaster, 2012

Meret OppenheimGlove, 1985

Tom FriedmanUntitled, 2002, 75 Styrofoam cups painted by hand with acrylic paint

Alberto Giacometti

Kiki SmithRibs, 1987, terracotta, ink, and thread

Peter Alexander - Cloud Box, 1966, Cast Polyester Resin

Alberto GiacomettiThe Chariot, 1950

Auguste Rodin, Icarus

Kevin Francis GrayBallerina and Boy, marble, 2013

Snow and ice sculptures by Andy Goldsworthy

Fred WilsonThe Mete of the Muse, 2004-2007, bronze with black patina and bronze with white paint

Christiane Löhr

Robert HeineckenFractured Figure Sections, 1967, photographs, wood